Cano Negro tourA spectacular natural refuge, Caño Negro is considered the third and most important Ramsar site wetland in the world.

A must visit place in Costa Rica, this sanctuary was named the ‘Wetland of International Importance’ in 1991, and is fundamental to the environmental balance of the country’s Northern Zone.

Located close to the border of Nicaragua, the Caño Negro Wildlife

Refuge is one of the most ecologically diverse sites in Costa Rica.

A nature lover’s heaven, Caño Negro is the habitat of several migrant and rare fish, reptiles, birds and plants.

The most important lagoon is Caño Negro, which is fed by the Frio River, which flows down to the north of the Arenal Lake.

Cano Negro NatureDuring the dry season, this sanctuary becomes a vital feeding ground for several seabirds that visit the wetland.

The forests, grasslands and marshes offer shelter for jaguars, tapirs, and ocelots which are, sadly, species in danger of extinction.

Other animals you might spot are 78 species of mammals like 2 and 3 toed sloth’s, and monkeys: howler, white faced and spider, 96 species of reptiles like caimans, iguanas, turtles and 306 bird species jabiru; black, long-necked, and roseate spoonbills, the beautiful pink birds in our country and if you are lucky you can see a Toro Shark fin.

For those who love the action of the sport fishing, catch and release, the region is an angler’s paradise through the year, where anglers will find the biggest tarpon around, along with rainbow bass, snook, and more.